Established in 2003, Gurmat Sangeet Chair is the first academic institution at global level which is dedicated to the research, revival & preservation of Gurmat Sangeet. Sri Guru Gian Parkash Foundation, New Delhi has provided financial support to this Chair of Sikh Sacred Music.

Bibi Jasbir Kaur Khalsa, Chairperson, Sri Guru Gian Parkash Foundation, New Delhi and S. Swarn Singh Boparai, then Vice-Chancellor of Punjabi University, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for establishing this Chair on March 26, 2003. The Foundation is successfully honoring their commitment to donate a sum of Rupees Six Lakh as annual grant for fifteen years.

In the administration of Gurmat Sangeet Chair, a Bhai Randhir Singh On-line Gurmat Sangeet Library has been established. In this library, collection of Gurmat Sangeet Books, Research Papers, Research Articles and other relevant literature has been digitized and presented in Website form which has been launched by Vice-Chancellor Dr. Jaspal Singh on 3rd December, 2010. The name of the website is

Another major highlight of this Chair is an Archives of Music dedicated to Sant Sucha Singh which has been established to preserve the music traditions - Gurmat Sangeet, Classical Music, Folk Music and Sufi Sangeet. A vast collection of these music streams is being presented in this website including some memorable archival interviews of various artists.

As an initial effort to promote Gurmat Sangeet tradition, Punjabi University also has allocated a beautiful piece of land in natural surroundings to construct a building of Gurmat Sangeet Bhawan. With the financial aids of donors from all over the world, first phase of this building has been successfully constructed.

MoU Signing Photo
Dr. Gurnam Singh (Founder Professor & Head)
Bibi Jasbir Kaur Khalsa
Group Photo - Sri Guru Gian Parkash Foundation, New Delhi
Gurmat Sangeet Bhawan
Gurmat Sangeet Chair Activities
Senior Fellowship
To encourage and honour dedicated senior Keertankar, musicians, scholars of this field, the advisory committee of Gurmat Sangeet Chair initiated a tradition of conferring Senior Fellowship from the year 2006.
Bhai Avtar
Singh ji (Delhi)
_ _
Bhai Gurcharan
Singh ji (Delhi)
S. Surinder Singh
‘Singh Bandhu’ (Delhi)
Prof. Kartar Singh
Dr. Jagir Singh
Bhai Gurmej Singh Ji
Bhai Hari Singh Ji


Bhai Avtar Singh ji is a world renowned keertankar of Gurmat Sangeet tradition In the world of music, he is a well known as a major scholar of tradition school of Gurmat Sangeet and an inheritant of ancient and precious keertan culture prevalent right from the period of Gurus. Bhai Avtar Singh received his primary education in the field of music from his father Bhai Juala Singh ji of Thatha Tibba. His family has the honour of serving the God's home for eleven generations. Since 1954, Bhai Sahib has been regularly doing keertan in Gurdwara Sees Ganj Sahib and Gurdwara Bangla Sahib of Delhi. He has earned a great name and fame by his active participation in Gurmat Sangeet Sammelans and Keertan Darbars in India and abroad.

Bhai Avtar Singh ji has got a lot traditional cultures in his treasure of keertan. Punjabi University, Patiala has an honour in publishing these music forms in book named 'Gurbani Sangeet Prachin Sangeet Ratnavli'. In the practical form, his recordings of 38 hours have been released by various recording companies. He has been honoured by many national and international institutions, among which are Keertan Khoj Award by Punjabi Sahit Samikhya Board in 1980, Parmukh Ragi Award by Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee in 1982, Gurmat Sangeet Sanman by Indian Council of Sikh Affairs in 1983, First Shiromani Ragi Award by Government of Punjab in 1984, Puratan Kirtaniya Award by Vismad Naad in 1992, Sangeet Award by Punjabi Sangeet Natak Academy in 2004.
Being a Keertankar of traditional school, he has performed a specialist role in the academic activities of Department of Gurmat Sangeet and Gurmat Sangeet Chair in Punjabi University, Patiala
Bhai Avtar Singh ji is a great source of inspiration for the succeeding generations of Gurmat Sangeet.



The keertankar of traditional school of Gurmat Sangeet Bhai Gurcharan Singh ji is the elder son of Bhai Juala Singh ji of Saidpur Thatha Tibba. His family has been performing Keertan according to the ancient traditions of Gurmat Sangeet. Apart from India and abroad, he has been serving as Hazoori Ragi along with his younger brother Bhai Avtar Singh in Gurdwara Sees Ganj Sahib, Delhi since 1954.

He has done special efforts for the establishment of Gurmat Sangeet through Keertan and at the same time, he has also written a book on explanation of Gurmat Sangeet 'Keertan Nirmolak Heera atey Sangeet Kala'.

He has played a special role in writing the book 'Gurbani Sangeet Prachin Ratnavli' published by Punjabi University, Patiala. Apart from this, he has also written following books related to different subjects in Gurmat Sangeet.

1. Charan Kamal ki Mauj
2. Kamal Bigasan
3. Sachaiyan par Kaurian (Kujh Khatian mithian bhi)
4. Aduti veer di aduti bhen Bebe Nanaki
5. Panthak mehal di usarian de upkar ate isnu hani pahuchan wale kirdar
6. Jeevan Gatha : Bhai Sahib Bhai Juala Singh ji

In 2006, he has been honoured as a writer by Punjabi Academy, Delhi.
Bhai Gurcharan Singh ji is a great source of inspiration for the next generation of Gurmat Sangeet. In such an old age, he is still working regularly to reveal the hidden treasures of Gurmat Sangeet.



The renowned classical singer of classical music Singh Bandhu S. Surinder Singh has honoured the Punjabis by making a distinct contribution in the field of classical music at an international level. He took 'Gharanedar Talim' from his elder brother G.S. Sardar, Ustad N. Aminudin Khan Dagar and Ustad Padam Bhushan Ameer Khan Sahib of Indore Gharana. He became famous by the name of Singh Bandhu along with his brother S. Tejpal Singh. The first class artist of Parsar Bharti S. Surinder Singh has presented not only in the music concerts of classical music but has also presented classical music in various countries of the world.

He has done a major contribution by giving background music and singing in various films and T.V. programs, among these the T.V. program 'Gavho Saachi Bani' and 'Tamas', a film by Govind Nihlani were world famous. The program Gavho Saachi Bani, produced by him made a major contribution in the field of Gurmat Sangeet. He is playing an active role in the field of music in various Univesities and other institutions.

He has been given many honours and awards by national and international institutes for his various achievements, among which National Award by Sangeet Natak Academy and Padam Shri by Government of India are the major.